(Washington D.C) John Boehner, The United States tannest elected representative invited Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu to Washington D.C. to experience a mutually beneficial tanning session.

“Bibi (Netanyahu) is just looking too pasty, compared to me, these days. Doesn’t his pay check allow him to afford to store his own tanning machine in his office? I can lend him one of mine. Maybe he will let me open a tanning franchise on the Gaza strip?

I can show him how to get a tan without the lines, if he’s open minded,” stated Boehner.

John Busher authored this post.

(Silicon Valley, CA) – The world’s giant tech titans Google and Apple jointly announced plans to add “No Go Zones” to their respective map applications specifically to prevent Bobby Jindal from embarrassing himself any further.
“We felt God awful for Mr. Jindal when he couldn’t pinpoint the exact locations of the No Go Zones Jindal referenced in a press interview while on a “I’m Trying To beef Up My Foreign Policy Credentials By Visiting Europe” tour, said a spokesperson for the initiative. Continue reading

Mosul, Iraq (The Busher Report) – Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the self-elected spokesperson for ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, offered to sell former Vice President Dick Cheney and the Neocon Iraq war hawks fabricated, posted dated photo-shopped photographs of Saddam Hussein surrounded by Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction the United States secretly supplied to Saddam during Iraq’s 1980s war with Iran. Continue reading

(Busher Report) Welcome to the virtual world of Sativa Sue, a beautiful, giant, fragrant bud of sativa marijuana that happens to blog. Some folks called me, Sativa Sue, the Barbara Walters of inanimate objects thanks to my in depth no questions asked interviews with non human things like the Loch Ness Monster, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s Blue Fleece jacket, President Obama’s golf putter, Vladimir Putin’s left nipple, and interviews with words like “Nowhere” and “Oligarchy.”

I am super excited because one of my favorite sporting events, The FIFA World Cup, starts this week in Brazil. The international organization known as FIFA produces The World Cup sporting event which pits the top 32 countries playing the sport most everyone calls football (American’s call it “soccer”) to win the grand prize, a fairly large trophy called “The World Cup”. I am psyched because I, Sativa Sue, scored an exclusive interview with the actual “World Cup” trophy. Continue reading

Washington, DC (Busher Report) President Barack Obama acknowledged Fox News was right when they suggested that he ordered the capture of the prime suspect in the Benghazi incident purely to help boost Hillary Clinton’s book sales and presidential prospects.

“Everyone knows I owe Hillary a big favor for stepping aside in the 2008 Presidential campaign which cleared my path to the White House. I couldn’t sic the IRS on the Benghazi suspect because a. he’s not an American citizen and b. I have to limit my contact with the IRS right now, besides they would probably lose my email instructions anyway. Fox News really has my back.“ Continue reading

Miami, Florida (Busher Report) – Matt Drudge, owner of The Drudge Report, most famous for breaking the Monica Lewinsky Bill Clinton BJ in the Oval office story, declared his plans to throw 150% of his site’s support and traffic to make sure Hillary Clinton becomes the next and first female president of the United States. Continue reading

After A Change of Heart, Dick Cheney Admits He Failed to Proof Read His WSJ Op-Ed Piece
After A Change of Heart, Dick Cheney Admits He Failed to Proof Read His WSJ Op-Ed Piece

Jackson Hole, Wyoming (Busher Report) – Former United States Vice President Dick Cheney admitted the op-ed piece he co-authored Liz, was way off and in poor taste. Said Cheney, “My straight politically ambitious daughter Liz and I thank everyone, even Fox News, for all the constructive feedback about the Wall Street Journal op-ed we penned together. You see, the only way my daughter Liz can get attention from anyone is to co-write op-eds and other works of fiction with me, a former Vice President of the United States. She wrote the whole thing and quite frankly I forgot to proofread it before we sent it off to the WSJ editorial staff. “ Continue reading

Hello World. How are you? I hope your mood lifts when you hear the following news. I, John Busher, self published a new book called All Things Oligarchy – Funny Interviews with Things. The book contains interviews and conversations between the following inanimate objects and words: Continue reading

Can Apple, the corporation, laugh at itself? If I were Apple I would make fun of myself by developing Saturday Night Live style parody videos using one or all three of the following concepts: Continue reading

Combative New Jersey Governor Chris Christie released his own unbiased independent Bridgegate report produced by Gibson, Dunn, & Crutcher, a law firm his administration hired to investigate the George Washington Bridge Four Day Traffic Jam caused by the shutdown of three lanes on the entrance to the bridge.

Sativa Sue, a large beautiful bud of sativa marijuana and the only sativa marijuana plant that blogs for the satirical news site HarryBalls.com scored the first interview with Christie’s Bridgegate report. How does an inanimate object like a bud of sativa marijuana named Sue interview a bunch of papers bound together? Magic happens in the world of satirical fiction known as HarryBalls.com. Continue reading