Jackson Hole, Wyoming (Busher Report) – Former United States Vice President Dick Cheney admitted the op-ed piece he co-authored Liz, was way off and in poor taste. Said Cheney, “My straight politically ambitious daughter Liz and I thank everyone, even Fox News, for all the constructive feedback about the Wall Street Journal op-ed we penned together. You see, the only way my daughter Liz can get attention from anyone is to co-write op-eds and other works of fiction with me, a former Vice President of the United States. She wrote the whole thing and quite frankly I forgot to proofread it before we sent it off to the WSJ editorial staff. “

Liz Cheney contributed,” If I will throw my own carpet munching sister’s sexuality under the bus to further my political career then of course I am going to criticize the current United States president about the 2014 Iraq situation regardless how much my father and his boss former President George W Bush lied to everyone to justify the 2nd Iraq conflict simply to line the pockets of Haliburton investors. Anything that gets my name in the press and in the public’s mind is on the table.”

Dick Cheney added, “Is anyone free to join me for a night time hunting trip this weekend? While we are waiting to hunt homeless people, we can watch the 1994 Interview at the American Enterprise Institute where I discuss why the United Stated decided to leave Saddam Hussein in power after the 1991 Iraq conflict.”

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