Hello. I wrote and self-published the some humorous satirical books for your reading pleasure. I have included links to the ebook retailers you can buy the books in your choice of formats: PC, iOS, Android, Nook, and the ePub format. The ebook retailers include Apple, Barnes & Noble, KoboBooks and Smashwords. You can sample each of the books prior to purchase.

America’s Next Puppet Regime

– Available for Pre-Order

iTunes, BarnesandNoble.com, Kobo Books

Meet Martin Anthony Danforth (MAD), billionaire real estate mogul, reality game show host and the first person completely devoid of common sense, empathy and political experience elected to the most powerful position in the world, President of the United States. As part of a global strategic United States branding initiative, MAD launches a new mass market reality game show called America’s Next Puppet Regime. Broadcast out of the top floor of the newest MAD Monolith Hotel & Casino located right next to the Kremlin in Moscow, MAD and his co-host, Iwanna, his Vice President and daughter shepherd five finalists through the competitions in feats of tyranny to become the next geopolitical puppet the US secretly installs as a leader of the country of the winner’s choice.


The War on Terror Speaks!

Donny the Drone, a talking and sentient blogging United States military unmanned fix winged aerial mechanical vehicle, conducts a heartfelt interview with the phrase “The War on Terror”. The topics of discussion include ISIS, the Cheney Administration, Neoconmen, Muslim No Go Zones, the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) and The War on Terror’s own forthcoming 2016 United States Presidential Election Campaign with its rumored running mate, the phrase “Representation without Taxation”. The United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights make a special brief appearance. The author will donate a portion of the proceeds of every copy of this book sold to Represent.us, an organization dedicated to ending corruption in the United States political system.

The Apple IBook Store, Barnes And Noble.com, Kobo Books, Kindle Via SmashWords


Dick Cheney’s Conscience Goes Rogue…Talks Iraq

Does Dick Cheney have any thoughts about Iraq and President Obama’s administration’s middle eastern policies? Does Dick Cheney, retired Vice President of the United States, have a conscience? Does Dick Cheney’s conscience speak on its own? Does Dick Cheney’s conscience do interviews? Does Dick Cheney’s conscience have any thoughts on Dick Cheney’s comments, words and actions? Did Dick Cheney’s conscience do a sit down Barbara Walter’s style interview with Sativa Sue, a giant and beautiful blogging bud of marijuana. You can buy and read the ebook “Dick Cheney’s Conscience Goes Rogue from

Itunes, Barnesandnoble.com, Kindle


Funny Interviews With Things

How does the word “Oligarchy” feel about Net Neutrality? What does the word “Nowhere” think about Marco Rubio’s political future? What happens when a giant fragrant bud of sativa marijuana named Sue interviews President Obama’s golf putter and Vladimir Putin’s Left Nipple about the Ukraine situation? You can find out by buying and reading 16 interviews with things.







American Exceptionalism, A Terrific Guide

Donny, a US Military missile launching drone, interviews the phrase “American Exceptionalism” to answer the questions: “Where did American Exceptionalism come from?”; “When did American Exceptionalism makes its debut?” and they both will share some terrific examples of American Exceptionalism.

Places to Buy “American Exceptionalism, A Terrific Guide” Listed b Platform

iTunes: “Donny The Drone’s Terrific Guide to American Exceptionalism”

Android:Kobo, PC: Kobo

eReader: Kobo

Nook: Barnes & Noble


The Fourth Amendment Interviews The NSA’s Prism Program

What would a conversation between the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution and the NSA’s Prism Program look like? Would they get along or bash each other over their non-existent heads? What would they discuss? You can find out when you read this satirical book called “The Fourth Amendment Interviews the NSA’s Prism Program.” You can find out how the conversation flows by buying the book from one of the listed sources below.


iPad/iPhone: Itunes Link

PC: Kobo, eReader: Kobo, Android: Kobo, Nook: Barnes & Noble


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