Thank you for your interest in my business development portfolio which lists highlights and my strengths. If these qualities intersect with your staffing needs feel free to contact me at 415.359.0454. I look forward to exploring the possibilities.


Business Development Highlights

Sold an AVOD license for Space Janitors, a Star Wars parody comedy series to Viewster, a European competitor to Hulu.

Partnered with Positech Games to create the “Guess When the Politicians Gets Indicted” promotion to market their app called Democracy 3, a political simulation video game. The promotion resides on a G-Rated completely safe for work humor site called

Partnered with multiple mobile app and game companies to create the HarryBalls Bathing Suit Edition, a G-Rated safe for work parody of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, which features non-human video characters posing in their bathing suits.

While at CNET’s I revived a relationship with e-commerce partner Digital River to increase monthly affiliate revenue 1,200% from the sale of consumer PC apps and games.

At, I hunted and signed partnerships with consumer app and game developers to expand the reach and revenue from the consumer app browser search toolbar.

Led the growth of Dealio, a consumer shopping PC app, from zero to 2.5 million users in eighteen months by partnering with consumer PC app companies like Playfirst.

Closed performance based affiliate deals to with consumer PC file sharing apps (Limewire, KazAa, Grokster, and Bearshare) to promote and sell Acoustica’s MP3 CD burning app.


My strengths include:

Experienced global business development professional

Deep experience across many elements of digital media and consumer mobile technology.

Engaging relationship builder

Exceptional Interpersonal Development Skills

Persuasive verbal and written communicator

Inventive entrepreneurial strategic and analytical thinker


A robust rolodex of contacts

Intelligent negotiator

Super speller & fast learner

Highly organized

A sense of humor


If you like what you have read feel free to contact me at 415.359.0454.
Here’s my Linkedin profile.


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