(Busher Report) Welcome to the virtual world of Sativa Sue, a beautiful, giant, fragrant bud of sativa marijuana that happens to blog. Some folks called me, Sativa Sue, the Barbara Walters of inanimate objects thanks to my in depth no questions asked interviews with non human things like the Loch Ness Monster, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s Blue Fleece jacket, President Obama’s golf putter, Vladimir Putin’s left nipple, and interviews with words like “Nowhere” and “Oligarchy.”

I am super excited because one of my favorite sporting events, The FIFA World Cup, starts this week in Brazil. The international organization known as FIFA produces The World Cup sporting event which pits the top 32 countries playing the sport most everyone calls football (American’s call it “soccer”) to win the grand prize, a fairly large trophy called “The World Cup”. I am psyched because I, Sativa Sue, scored an exclusive interview with the actual “World Cup” trophy. Continue reading