Note: Most of these examples live on a G-Rated humor site centered around apps, video games and curated videos called All the content on the site is completely safe for work. The name was purchased because it makes most folks who hear it laugh.


1.Guess When the Politican Gets Indicted Promotion. I created this piece to market a political simulation video game called Democracy 3 created by Positech Games.

2. HarryBalls Bathing Suit Edition – Parody of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Featuring Video Game Characters Posing in their Bathing Suits. I created and executed this piece to promote participating video games.

3. Send 22 Male Senators A Hug Because Their Mommies Didn’t Love Them Enough. I created this one to market an app called the “Talking Bear Huggs App”.

4. The Six Least Least Influential Political Inanimate Objects and their favorite apps.

5. Interview with Jake Barnes, a Character in a Dark Comic Novel Called Killin Machine. Product Promoted – A Novel Called Killin Machine


Animated Videos: I wrote, directed and produced these comedy shorts using software called Xtranormal.


1. Steve Jobs Visits The Jesus Show. I wrote this after Apple debuted their first Maps app.

2. Animated Video – President Obama Pitches His New Start-up Called Turn Key Tyranny Solutions. I produced this right after Edward Snowden shared his news about US government’s spying apparatus.

3. Mitt Romney Clarifies His Relationship to the Number 47.

4. Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, Moonlights At The Apple Genius Bar


Self Published Humor Books I worked with a freelancer to design all the book covers. I found the images and art directed the freelance production person.

1. The War on Terror Speaks – Features a 13,000 word interview with The War on Terror.

2. Dick Cheney’s Conscience Goes Rogue…Talks Iraq – An interview with Dick Cheney’s Conscience.

3. Funny Interviews With Things – Funny interviews with inanimate objects, words and phrases: Oligarchy, the Loch Ness Monster, Chris Christie’s blue fleece, the State of the Union Address, President Obama’s Golf Putter, Putin’s Left Nipple, Selfie, Nowhere, a CNN Microphone, Boehner’s Boner, Limbaugh’s Ass, A Primate, Mitt Romney’s unreleased tax returns, the Higgs Boson God Particle, a pig, American Exceptionalism, New Yahoo Logo.

4. American Exceptionalism – A Terrific Guide Interview with the phrase American Exceptionalism.

More Random Writing Samples

Christie’s BridgeGate Report Blames Putin, Obamacare and Jimmy Carter for the GWB Mess.

Obama’s Golf Putter Announces New Sanctions.

Vladimir Putin’s Right Nipple Names Its Favorite Sanctions.

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