Can Apple, the corporation, laugh at itself? If I were Apple I would make fun of myself by developing Saturday Night Live style parody videos using one or all three of the following concepts:


Digital Native Advertising Idea For Apple Concept 1: Secrets – Makes fun of Apple’s Reputation for Keeping Secrets

An Apple new hire attends employee orientation where he receives the employee manual written in secret code he must decipher. The manual contains a map to all the locations of the bathrooms. The new hire embarks on a “Lord of the Rings” style quest within Apple’s office complex to find the bathroom, any bathroom, before he bursts.


Digital Native Advertising Idea For Apple Concept 2: Ancient Aliens History Show Parody – Did Ancient Aliens copy Apple’s new futuristic office building design for their own space ships?

Single Episode Parody of the Ancient Aliens show asking if Ancient Aliens copied Apple’s new futuristic office building for the space vessels ancient aliens used to travel to earth thousands of years ago. One of the Ancient Aliens talking heads like Giorgio Tsoukalos could narrate. We could show shots of ancient hieroglyphics in stone depicting a flying machine with the following English words carved into the stone next to the flying machine: “Shhh. Don’t tell Apple.” We could discuss Apple’s intents to sue the ancient aliens from Orion for infringing on their design.

Alternatively aliens could sue Apple for stealing the design of their space vessel for Apple’s new HQ. We could have actors in alien costumes, protesting with signs right outside the HQ. However I think Apple suing aliens is the funnier alternative.


Digital Native Advertising Idea For Apple Concept 3: Apple Mensa Bar

Apple upgraded the Genius Bar. Apple Genius Bar employees are knowledgeable in all things Apple. Apple Mensa Bar employees are knowledgeable in all things. Period.

The video will open with an Apple Mensa Bar supervisor explaining to two new hires, one who wears black glasses with the last name of Gates and another portly person named Ballmer, that Apple has upgraded the Genius bar to the Mensa Bar. The Gates and Ballmer employees look at each other and say simultaneously, “I hope it’s better than a Window’s upgrade” while giving each other a high five by slapping their hands. Customers like Vladimir Putin, Paul Ryan, Barack Obama, Rush Limbaugh, and Hillary Clinton can ask for the Apple Mensa Bar’s help dealing with some or multiple issues in the life.

Ideally these one or all of these videos would be distributed through the various viral mechanisms. We could turn concept’s one and three above into a multi-episode web series.

If Apple or any other brand wants to sponsor these videos they can contact me at 415.369.0454. If would be funniest if Apple worked with my organization consisting of me and my alter ego but I’m not choosy. Imagine Apple’s reaction if Samsung, Google and HTC sponsored these videos. I own these ideas and while I am posting them publicly I retain all the rights to them. I attempted to email these concepts cold to Phil Schiller last week but who knows if he saw them. I can’t believe he doesn’t have my number on auto-dial? I may have to rethink that working relationship.

Here are some animated videos I wrote using the now defunct Xtranormal platform for the animation. As far as I know my humor didn’t contribute to their demise.


President Obama Pitches for Turnkey Tyranny Solutions, his new West Wing Based Startup

Steve Jobs Visits The Jesus Show To Pitch Apple Maps



Steve Ballmer Gets A New Job at the Apple Genius Bar


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