Miami, Florida (Busher Report) – Matt Drudge, owner of The Drudge Report, most famous for breaking the Monica Lewinsky Bill Clinton BJ in the Oval office story, declared his plans to throw 150% of his site’s support and traffic to make sure Hillary Clinton becomes the next and first female president of the United States.

Matt Drudge explained, “Everyone in media and politics knows I have admired and respected all members of the Clinton family since the 1990s. However today I have decided to throw the full force of the Drudge Report brand behind Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run. What does this mean? The Drudge Report site will only link to media stories depicting Ms. Clinton in a positive light, even though happy stories about Ms. Clinton rarely appear on any media outlet, progressive or liberal.”

Ms. Clinton fainted into the lap of one of her campaign’s naked female interns when she heard Matt Drudge’s announcement.

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