(Silicon Valley, CA) – The world’s giant tech titans Google and Apple jointly announced plans to add “No Go Zones” to their respective map applications specifically to prevent Bobby Jindal from embarrassing himself any further.
“We felt God awful for Mr. Jindal when he couldn’t pinpoint the exact locations of the No Go Zones Jindal referenced in a press interview while on a “I’m Trying To beef Up My Foreign Policy Credentials By Visiting Europe” tour, said a spokesperson for the initiative.

The No Go Zones are located directly in the middle of the following locations:
Ignorance Village
Fear Mongering Town
Stupidity Burg
The Hamlet of Witless

You can find all of these locations including the No Go Zones in the county of “I Want To Run For President, Don’t Have a Clue What I’m doing In Any Aspect Of My Life As A Public Servant So This Is the Best I Can Come Up With”

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