Hello World. How are you? I hope your mood lifts when you hear the following news. I, John Busher, self published a new book called All Things Oligarchy – Funny Interviews with Things. The book contains interviews and conversations between the following inanimate objects and words:

1. The Word “Oligarchy” Discusses the FCC’s New Neutrality Plans
2. President Obama’s Golf Putter
3. Vladimir Putin’s Left Nipple
4. The Word “Selfie”
5. Mitt Romney’s Unreleased Tax Returns
6. A CNN Microphone
7. The Word “Nowhere”
8. John Boehner’s Boner
9. Rush Limbaugh’s Ass
10. The New Yahoo Logo
11. A Pig
12. A Primate
13. The Higgs Boson God Particle
14. A Blue Fleece
15. The Loch Ness Monster
16. The State of The Union Address

You can buy All Things Oligarchy for $2.99 from Amazon and ITunes. It will appear on Barnes & Noble soon.

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