Here are the conclusions and recommendations to the officially unofficial Bridgegate Report New Jersey Governor Chris Christie paid $1,000,000 of taxpayer money to clear his ass. You can read the complete interview with this same BridgeGate Report here conducted, Sativa Sue, a beautiful fragrant large bud of sativa marijuana.


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Hey there. That’s right, you read the headline properly. I am Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Right Nipple. I volunteered to share a list of my nine favorite sanctions the United States has decided to throw at my countrymen for reunited Crimea with the Motherland.

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I published my second ebook called “Donny The Drone’s Terrific Guide to American Exceptionalism.” In this book, Donny, a US Military missile launching drone, interviews the phrase American Exceptionalism to answer the questions: “Where did American Exceptionalism come from?”; “When did American Exceptionalism makes its debut?” and they both will share some terrific examples of American Exceptionalism.

You can buy the book in many formats through Smashwords now for $2.99. Donny The Drone should appear in Apple’s iBookstore, SONY, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and the Diesel ebook store in the next few weeks.

What would a conversation between the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution and the NSA’s Prism Program look like? Would they get along or bash each other over their non-existent heads? What would they discuss? You can find out when you read this satirical book called “The Fourth Amendment Interviews the NSA’s Prism Program” which I wrote. I hope you appreciate the humor enough to pay $2.99 for it. Right now you can buy it through Smashwords. You will also be able to buy it through Apple’s iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, SONY, Kobo and Diesel ebook store in a few days or a few weeks.