Washington, DC (Busher Report) President Barack Obama acknowledged Fox News was right when they suggested that he ordered the capture of the prime suspect in the Benghazi incident purely to help boost Hillary Clinton’s book sales and presidential prospects.

“Everyone knows I owe Hillary a big favor for stepping aside in the 2008 Presidential campaign which cleared my path to the White House. I couldn’t sic the IRS on the Benghazi suspect because a. he’s not an American citizen and b. I have to limit my contact with the IRS right now, besides they would probably lose my email instructions anyway. Fox News really has my back.“

Said Mrs. Clinton, “I am so grateful and appreciate President Obama’s secret efforts to boost my book sales and presidential prospects by ordering the capture of the Benghazi prime suspect. God knows my family needs the book sales income with a grandchild on the way. My daughter Chelsea only made over $400,000 working for NBC simply because her parents are self-important narcisstic global personalities. Why does the GOP and everyone else keep picking on me for Benghazi? Don’t they realize I am afraid of my own shadow and am super sensitive to any criticism now? Fox News rocks.”

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