The crafty Harry Balls editorial team named the Top Six Least Influential Famous Political Inanimate Objects and their favorite apps.

6. United States Senator Marco Rubio’s Water Bottle – The free version of “Where’s My Water” because Republicans refuse to spend money on anything.

Where’s My Water in iOS

Where’s My Water on Google Play.

5. Possible 2016 Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton’s Glasses really enjoy Color Zen an intriguing and unique puzzle game from Large Animal Games – Simple, clean, uncomplicated relaxing puzzle game just like Mrs. Clinton’s political and personal life.

Color Zen for the iPhone and iPad

Color Zen on Google Play Android

4. President Obama’s Golf Putter – The Fox News App so the putter can find out what’s going on in the White House from a fair and balanced news source rather than from the people on the President’s staff.

Fox News iOS App

Fox News Android App

3. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s Blue Fleece – Cravemate – Helps control junk food cravings. Lap bands are for pussys.

CraveMate iPhone Only

2. New York City Controller Candidate Eliot Spitzer’s Bum loves a game called “Bumpin Uglies” – A fun puzzle game where you “Design your ugly..- a hapless adorably ugly creature with the intellect of a block of wood – then dominate the gene pool, one bump at a time.”

Bumpin Uglies iOS Game

1. New York City Mayoral Candidate’s Anthony’s Weiner’s Pant Zipper constantly plays mobile puzzle game called Uplifted an iPhone game about being happy.

Uplifted for the iPhone and iPad

Uplifted on Google Play (Android)

That’s the list. Enjoy the apps and games.

John Busher wrote this post.

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